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Competition Committee

Chairman and Treasurer:  Onur Gokdemir  - onur@wescc.co.uk

General Secretary:Terry Wicks - terrywicks@btinternet.com 

Asst Secretary and Press Officer: Rob Parker


Club Rep: Ian Scott (Lonsdale F.C.)

Instructions to clubs competing

Please take a few moments to note below the following procedures for matches in this competition which may differ to your usual procedures in league competitions.

  • ARRANGEMENT OF MATCHES: Both sides should liaise with each other and their leagues to find a suitable date to play the match. The first drawn side becomes the home side and has first choice on venue.
  • APPOINTMENT OF REFEREES: It's generally accepted that the league of the home side in the tie shall appoint a referee wherever possible. Where this is not possible, speak with Onur Gokdemir or Rob Parker to assist with arranging a referee.
  • NO PRE-MATCH TEAMSHEETS REQUIRED: As this competition involves teams from different leagues, there is no teamsheet requirement for the West Essex Cup. Just provide the referee with the names of the substitutes before kick-off.
  • REPEATED (ROLLING) SUBSTITUTES: This competition operates a repeated substitutes rule therefore 5 substitutes are permitted on a repeated/rolling basis. The appointed referee must be provided with the names of the substitutes prior to kick-off.
  • EXTRA-TIME/PENALTIES: Up to 30 mins of extra time is played if scores are level after normal time, followed by a penalty shootout if required.
  • REFEREES FEES are shared between the 2 teams (£17.50 each = total £35).
  • TELEPHONING RESULT: WINNING club must notify Onur Gokdemir of the result of the match on 07799 065 965. Additionally, BOTH clubs must notify their own league's results officer with the result.
  • CLUBS' RESULTS SHEET: Both clubs must complete a results sheet (see link below) with details of who took part in the match and email that directly to onur@wescc.co.uk within 7 days of the match: http://www.wescc.co.uk/uploads/WESCC-ResultSheet-2016.doc 
  • REFEREE'S MATCH REPORT: Appointed referees to complete report on link below and email directly to Onur Gokdermir onur@wescc.co.uk - http://www.wescc.co.uk/uploads/WESCC-RefereeReportForm.doc 


Application Form - the form to be used by applying clubs and sent into the Competition Secretary before 31st May of each season.

Result Sheet - for completing by teams after a Competition tie is completed. Should be posted or e-mail into Competition Secretary within 7 days of the tie.

Ref Report - used by referees to report details of Competition tie and can be posted or e-mailed to the Competition Secretary.